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Copenhagen Youth Project (CYP) is a charity based near Caledonian Road in King’s Cross in London - the area locally known as ‘the Cally’. It began operating 15 years ago, as a grassroots local effort to tackle problems faced and expressed by local children and young people. It now provides a caring, youth-led space, where young people are provided with choices supporting their individual learning and personal development.

The We Hybrids workshop at CYP was shaped by conversations with the CYP’s director and input from Moses Gomes Santos -  a former member of CYP, who currently runs its drama section. 40% of the young people, engaged by the charity are identified as ‘unsure of their future’. Imagining, how our decisions shape the reality we inhabit and ultimately our future, might prove challenging for some young people. We Hybrids at CYP focused on a collective act of declaring political views and taking political actions. Through identifying characters - the cardboard figures - and building them into narratives, we were able to discuss the participants’ ability to ‘take action’ and explore their potential roles in co-creating the environment around them. Participants shared their own stories, which were collectively developed into micro-scripts. The scripts were then performed, modified and re-performed… as a way to identify obstacles and find ways to challenge them.


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