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The We Hybrids project consists of collaborative workshops which, through direct participation, explore how our collective perception is formed and how it takes control of social memory and communication. The theory and extensive research which form the backdrop of the project, are explored in each workshop through a set of playful participatory performances and discussions. We Hybrids aims to identify and explore the participants’ individual and collective agency in a creative, but also very practical and hands-on way.


The workshops are inspired by the methodology of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, narrative mediation and radical concepts of political theory - such as ‘radical democracy’ and notions of ‘hybridity’. During the workshops, participants take the role of the spect-actor they incorporate their bodies, ideas and physical elements, to collectively construct characters. These become active elements in scenarios inspired by the participants’ own narratives and experiences. We subsequently work together to disrupt the original narratives, develop and test concrete strategies for acting differently in the real world. In that sense, the workshop sets a possibility for a constantly evolving hybrid space, where those present are invited to challenge the way they view themselves within society and the relationships they form with others.  


This process creates the possibility for acting and reacting differently, understanding one’s agency and becoming a stimulus which can ignite change. The workshops are always adapted depending on the environment within which they take place and in accordance with the needs of particular groups of participants.


If you are interested in participating or want to hear more about the project please Contact Us.

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